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4 Advantages Of Epoxy Pipe Relining

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There are a great number of our modern conveniences that rely on the strength, structural integrity, and the overall durability of our home's plumbing pipes in order to provide us with the comfort and convenience that we have come to enjoy. The pipes in your home deliver all of the water you use on a daily basis, whether it is for cooking, bathing, or cleaning, but nothing lasts forever, as they say, and your home's pipes are no exception. Eventually, your home's pipes are going to start to develop leaks, and when they do, you have a couple of options as to how you want to go about fixing them. Most of the time, the decision is going to come down to a choice between repairing them and replacing them, but even with these two options, there are a number of different ways to go about the problem. One of the most efficient of these methods is the process of epoxy pipe relining. There are a number of different benefits to choosing this method to solve your plumbing issues, and in this short article, our Montgomery County plumbing pros will highlight four of the most important ones to help you make the decision on whether epoxy pipe relining is the right solution for your home.

More Affordable

One of the primary benefits of choosing epoxy pipe relining over more traditional methods of pipe replacement is the aspect of affordability. With epoxy pipe relining, a professional plumber will insert a epoxy soaked foam lining into the affected pipe, and once the epoxy sets, you will have a brand new pipe that's ready for use. Most professionals estimate that choosing epoxy pipe relining over more traditional repair methods can actually save you between 30 to 40%, especially if the leak is bad enough that it would normally warrant the need for a pipe replacement.

A Cost Effective Solution

In addition to epoxy pipe relining's lower initial cost, it is also a more cost-effective option over the long run than replacing the affected pipes in the more traditional manner. Pipe replacement is something that requires extensive renovation in most cases, as your plumber is going to have to remove wall panels, flooring, and even foundation in order to access some of your home's pipes. With epoxy pipe relining, however, your plumber only requires two access points to get the job done. This eliminates a great deal of the deconstruction and repair process that is normally associated with more traditional.

Completely Eliminates Leaks

Many homeowners think that replacing your pipes entirely is going to be a more effective solution when it comes to eliminating leaks as opposed to simply relining them, but epoxy pipe relining can actually eliminate leaks more efficiently than total pipe replacement and helps you extend the life of your pipes as well. In addition to eliminating leaks and increasing the lifespan of your pipes, epoxy pipe relining can also improve the quality of your water, as it helps to guard the inside of your pipes against corrosion.

Less Time Consuming To Install

As anyone who has ever had to have their pipes replaced or repaired in the more traditional manner can tell you, the process is usually a long and tedious one. Unlike traditional pipe replacement or repairs, epoxy pipe relining doesn't require structural removal. Once the two access points are made and the new epoxy-laden lining is put in place, it takes about five hours to cure, but once that time is up, you can go right back to using your plumbing system normally.

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