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Regular service & maintenance of your septic system is essential for keeping it operational. This prevents clogs in the absorption area and also helps to avoid solid waste from being able to enter the drain field.

Scheduling septic pump-outs on a routine basis is much more cost-effective when compared to paying for repairs or, even worse, replacement of your drain field The work we do will help keep your system up and running, for years to come, while operating at topnotch performance.

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Plumbing Services

 Our Central Florida plumbing professionals have the experience, the know-how, and the guarantee for quality work to provide the best plumbing services for you.

Septic Pump Outs

When you need your septic pumped out, the company to call on is our septic pros at Rocket Rooter Plumbing. Our prices are much lower than our competitors.

Drain Field Replacements

Our Central Florida drain cleaning company is the company to call on when you require drain field work. We can replace your leach field.

Sewer Repairs

 If you are experiencing issues with your sewage, you need to call Rocket Rooter Plumbing for our sewer repair services

Camera Inspections

We can perform a sewer line camera inspection to identify a leak or other problem.

Hydro Jetting

Rocket Rooter Plumbing, LLC can perform hydro jetting pipe cleaning services.

Drain Field Professionals

in Central Florida

When most people mention the septic system, they don't realize that the drain field is part of that. If you recently found out your drainfield is failing or want an estimate on replacement, you need a trustworthy expert to work with that you can trust.

The function of the drain field is to act as a filter. Its purpose is to clean wastewater before cycling it back to the water table. One of the biggest problems this system faces is becoming clogged and impermeable. The longer the problem persists, the worse the damage.

Some signs of septic system problems get overlooked as possible issues with just the tank. Some of these red flags include gurgling, odor and slow running drains.

When you choose Rocket Rooter for your septic needs, you are working with professionals that are well-versed in a variety of different types of drain fields. Contact us for your estimate. 

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 Doug of Rocket Rooter arrived on time, did a fantastic job of clearing the drain pipe in our bathroom. Haven't seen the water drain this well since we bought the house over 20 years ago! 

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