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Grease Trap Pumping In Washington DC

Grease traps in Montgomery County

Rocket Rooter Plumbing pumps grease traps for Washington DC restaurants and commercial businesses and provides service for WSSC FOG violations.

What Is A Grease Trap?

Grease and its disposal are one of the biggest problems facing most Montgomery County restaurant and food service facilities today. Hot water dissolves kitchen grease and deposits it in the water. This material then attaches itself to the interior surface of the pipes. If you do not cleanout the grease and food build up it will cause foul odors, slow drainage and eventual stoppage. Grease traps in Montgomery County are designed to intercept and hold grease before it gets into the sewer line or your septic tank system. If designed properly, grease traps should be of adequate size to handle the grease flow. They should also be designed with a maze of baffles or should have compartments in which to slow the grease enough to cool and congeal on the interior surfaces of the trap. Grease traps range in size and design.

Our Washington DC Plumbing Contractor Provides These Detailed Services

  • Grease Trap Pumping
  • Oil and Sludge Removal
  • Legal Disposal of Grease Trap Contents
  • Proper Handling of Oil/Grease Spills
  • Provide Absorbent Material to Soak Up Spills
  • Keep Sanitation Guidelines
  • Grime and Sludge Extraction

We Provide Grease Trap Pumping for the Following Areas:

Montgomery County, MD | Kensington, MD (20895) | Chevy Chase, MD (20814, 20817, 20892) | Bethesda, MD (20854, 20814, 20817, 20827, 20818) | Potomac, MD (20854) | Rockville, MD (20850, 20851, 20852, 208153) | North Potomac, MD (20854, 20878) | Gaithersburg, MD (20876, 20878, 20880, 20879, 20877) | Germantown, MD (20874, 20872, 20876) | Clarksburg, MD (20871, 20842, 20841)

And more

Why Washington DC Should Hire Us For Grease Trap Pumping:

  • Many counties have strict guidelines that need to be followed regarding grease traps in restaurants and businesses.
  • If your grease trap does not receive proper care it will become a nuisance and burdensome expense.
  • Pumping of grease traps prevents unnecessary, messy backups, spills and leaks.

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So if you are looking for a professional plumbing company that provides grease trap pumping, then please call us at 301-424-1141 or complete our online request form.