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Possible Signs Of Trouble With Montgomery County Septics

  • The most frequent sign of any problem with your Montgomery County septic system is a wet area or standing water above the drain field.  This can happen when sludge particles clog the drain field, when tree roots or broken pipes keep the waste water form dispersing through the entire drain field, or when water use in the house regularly exceeds the design capacity of the plumbing system.   When these conditions occur, waste water does not move through the soil as it should, and instead rises to the surface, creating a health risk and odor problems.
  • Montgomery County SepticsToilets may run slowly or back up, in the worst cases, the basement is flooded with sewage.    This can be the result of plugged sewer lines to the tank, a plugged inlet or outlet pipe, a full septic tank, or a failed drain field.
  • Septic odors can occur in the house, above the tank and drain fields, or escape from the vent pip.  If the system is operating properly, there should be no odors.  If there are odors, it can be an early warning sign that the system is failing.
  • A septic that has not been pumped out in the last 5 years.  Even if the system appears to be working well, sludge may have built up to the point where waste water is released without sufficient time in the tank for treatment and settling of particles.  This situation may result in pollution of ground water or cause eventual clogging of the drain field.

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