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Benefits Of Regular Septic Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Septic Cleaning

Even though you and your family make use of your bathroom on a daily basis, the chances are that you don’t give too much thought to the health of your septic system that often. In the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be extremely easy to forget about this extremely important part of your home, but the importance of cleaning your septic tank should never be something that you ignore. Plumbing maintenance is an essential aspect of taking care of your home, and could actually mean the difference between scheduling a cleaning every couple of years or being forced to have a complete overhaul performed on your wastewater disposal system when it is least convenient for you. To help highlight the benefits of investing in regular septic cleaning, the Maryland Plumbers at Rocket Rooter have put together a short list of the top three benefits that can be yours by investing in the professional septic plumbing services your system needs to ensure its proper function for years to come.

Extend The Life Of Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks work to remove the solid waste from the water that is disposed of down the drains of your home, like the toilet or sinks, while liquid waste is passed through for further treatment or is distributed into the soil absorption area. The solid waste has two options available to it at this point: either floating to the top and forming a layer, or sinking to the bottom as sludge. Most professional plumbing contractors will tell you that by removing the solids from the wastewater at regular intervals, you are helping to protect the soil absorption area from becoming clogged. If you have clogs form in this area of your septic system, it can lead to overall system failure, which can then result in wastewater backing up into your home or into your yard, and that’s a situation that no one wants to have to experience.

Increased Overall Effectiveness

Not only will your septic system last longer with regular septic cleaning, but its general ability to perform its job will improve as well. By having your septic system pumped out at regular intervals, and then avoiding its use for a short time, you can allow the tank and the absorption area to dry out a bit. The entire plumbing system can benefit from this short rest, and any partially decomposed waste will have a chance to fully break down in the absence of the moisture. Over time, the removal of solid waste from the liquid waste will become less and less effective, and more solids will build up in the soil absorption area, which can ultimately lead to a complete system failure. With the assistance of an expert plumbing contractor, however, costly repairs can be easily avoided with a simple maintenance appointment every couple of years or so.

Preserve The Environment With Regular Septic Cleaning

Routinely eliminating potentially hazardous waste not only protects your home and your yard, but it can also help to keep local water systems cleaner and healthier. Chemical septic tank cleansers and medications found in human waste can actually contaminate the soil and any nearby bodies of water. When you have your septic tank cleaned, you are actually doing a great deal to help preserve the environment and prevent pollution to the surrounding area.

More Tips on Septic

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