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Save Your Pipes With Our Helpful Plumbing Hints

To remove mineral build up from your showerhead, pour some vinegar in a plastic bag, put the bag over the shower head and fasten with a rubber band or twist tie. Let the shower head soak overnight and in the morning take a soft brush (such as an old toothbrush) and scrub off the mineral deposits.

  • Washington DC Plumbing systems are designed with a trap attached to the fixtures. The traps form a water seal to prevent odors from entering the house. If the fixtures are not used very often the water evaporates therefore breaking the seal and allowing the odors into the house. Therefore in order to prevent this problem, simply pour a bucket of water into each fixture such as the toilet, sink, shower, etc.
  • When turning off the outside faucets before the weather begins to freeze remember along with turning off the water you must also disconnect the garden hose from the faucet to allow the water to drain out of the pipe. This helps the piping endure the cold.

    More Tips on Plumbing

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