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Rockville Drain Cleaning Can Help Your Avoid Plumbing Repairs

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The plumbing system in your Rockville home is made up of a variety of different pipes and tubes. It can seem complex and confusing. When there is a problem with your home’s drainage system, you need a professional plumber. If you leave your drainage system untreated for a long period of time, you can cause major damage to your piping system. The repairs will be time consuming and costly. The best way to avoid these expensive plumbing repairs is to partake in Rockville drain cleaning There are several different things you can do clean the drains of your Rockville home.

Install a Drain Cover or Catch

One of the best ways you can help your Rockville drain cleaning service is to prevent your drain from becoming as dirty. Most drains nowadays come with some type of stopper, but if you live in an older home your drain maybe exposed. When you have an exposed drainage system, it is easy for objects to fall into your drainage system. This can cause your drain to become damaged or easily clogged. You can help your drain by installing a drain catcher, which is normally just a small piece of plastic or metal that fits onto your drain. No tools are needed for the installation process. This catch has holes in it that allows water to pass through, but it works as a filtering system for other objects.  Not only will your drain catcher keep your drain cleaning, but it will also reduce the amount of items you lose down your sink.

Hot Water Cleanse

When you want to keep your Rockville drain cleaned, it is recommended that occasionally you perform a hot water cleanse. This process works best for kitchen sinks and laundry drains, but it’s a good practice for any drain in your house. To start, you fill your sink up with extremely hot water and let it drain. This will fill your pipes instead of just hitting the bottom of the line, and it will push through any clogs in your sink. However, if this doesn’t work, you might have a bigger blockage. In this case, you need to consult a professional Rockville plumber. We suggest using hot water instead of a chemical cleanser because these cleaners can be full of harsh acids and non-safe chemicals. This will lead to more problems with your drainage system in the future. Hot water is a natural product, and it will break down most debris.

Avoid Certain Food in a Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen can be a great attribute, but it can also easily clog your drainage system. When you are looking for a way to improve your Rockville drain cleaning technique, consider avoiding putting certain foods down your garbage disposal. It is recommend that you find another way to get rid of potato peals, rice, noodles, egg shells, bones and other hard food items.  It is best to follow this rule of thumb. Think about everything before you dispose of it down your garbage disposal. If you have a feeling that an object might clog your garbage disposal, then it is best to throw the item in a trash can or dispose of it another way. Garbage Disposal Tip: If you notice a strange smell or odor emitting from your kitchen sink, put ice cubes and citrus peals from lemons, limes and oranges down your drain then run your system for 30 seconds. You can pour a tablespoon of liquid dish soap into the disposal while it is still running. This will break down any leftover foods and improve the smell of your sink.

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