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Your Kentlands Plumbers

Kentlands Plumbing ContractorWhether you own residential or commercial property in Kentlands, you need a plumber you can count on to have the experience to handle any plumbing problems you can have.

At Rocket Rooter Plumbing, our technicians are fully licensed, insured, trained, and experienced to handle your needs.


Drain Cleaning in Kentlands

Do you have any of the following?

  • Slow draining water
  • Hair and other matter building up
  • Bubbles of scum from the drain
  • Strange noises from pipes
  • Bad smells

If you do, then your pipes are probably experiencing a buildup that will eventually cause clogs and other issues. Particularly when you smell something bad and have figured out it's coming from a drain area.

When organic matter breaks down and it isn't dissolved and washed away, it forms a clog of goo that really stinks. It can actually take your breath away at times, the odor is so bad. But the first signs there's a problem is when there's an odor in the room that you can't exactly pinpoint until you get near the drain.

This is the time you'll want to get a plumber to come out and unclog the drain. Your pipes should also be examined and flushed out.

Scale is a substance that coats your pipes, and over time it can cause quite a problem. Other times, things like building materials, trash, and other debris will get down in the drain and cause clogs.

No matter the cause of the issue, clogged drains aren't fun to deal with, especially if left ignored because they can easily cause backups that flood your home with dirty, foul, and dangerous sewer water. Bacteria and other substances live in this bad water that can and will make you very sick. So ensuring your drains stay clean is a priority for you and your family.


Grease Trap Pumping in Kentlands

Our professional plumbing company offers grease trap pumping in Kentlands and surrounding areas. Commercial businesses, restaurants, and more need this service on a regular basis. Not only can we handle pumping the mess, but if problems arise our company can make repairs. Your grease trap may not be the same size as your neighboring entity that also uses these traps, so you may need fewer or more disposal services depending. The size of your unit, and how much waste you drain there will make a difference in how often you'll need the grease trap pumped.

Our professional plumbing company would love to develop a relationship with you to keep your grease traps pumped when they need to be. With professionals who know your habits and your system, it makes having to constantly worry about this part of your business less distracting. After all, you have many things you need to take care of, and regular scheduled pumping can get your focus back where it needs to be.


We Proudly Serve These Towns Near Kentlands:

Montgomery County, MD | Kensington, MD (20895) | Chevy Chase, MD (20814, 20817, 20892) | Bethesda, MD (20854, 20814, 20817, 20827, 20818) | Potomac, MD (20854) | Rockville, MD (20850, 20851, 20852, 208153) | North Potomac, MD (20854, 20878) | Gaithersburg, MD (20876, 20878, 20880, 20879, 20877) | Germantown, MD (20874, 20872, 20876) | Clarksburg, MD (20871, 20842, 20841)

And more

So if you are looking for a Kentlands professional plumbing company, then please call us at 301-424-1141 or complete our online request form.